You Are Magical!

In order to see your magic, you need to be looking through the right lens. The lens we  look through is often filled with inaccurate perceptions we developed as a child.  These will often leave us feeling stuck, not good enough, not deserving, or un-loveable.  This can effect your job, relationships, self-esteem and how you function in life in general.  It is time for you to own your power and get back to your magical self!



“You are born with greatness inside of you. You have all the potential to achieve anything you desire in life.  Healing the hurts of your inner child is the surest way to get you back to where you belonged all along.”

Carolyn C Snyder LCSW

About Me

Carolyn Castello Snyder LCSW

After a decade or so in the corporate world, and a series of  personal struggles and tragedies, I was called to fulfill my divine purpose of helping others. I received undergraduate degrees in social work and psychology at Cedar Crest College, I then went on to pursue my Masters in Social Work at Temple University specializing in clinical social work with a focus on health and mental health.

Although working in the government and private sectors were rewarding, I felt there was more than just traditional mental health services that were needed.  I went on to open my own practice C. Snyder Counseling & Wellness, LLC in Palmer Township where my staff and I continue to help clients reach their goals and potentials through multiple modalities to help the mind, body and spirit.

I have gone on to create programs including a deep dive into inner-child healing, and corporate mental health awareness and stress management to provide relief and healing on a larger scale.  I integrate my knowledge and training in mental health with modalities such as hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness, mental health integrative medicine, Qi Gong energy work, Shamanic practices, and intuitive work to achieve more profound results for those wanting healing of mind, body and spirit.

Programs Available

Abundantly You

Harness the Magic & Heal the Hurts of Your Inner Child


This program is for those serious about taking their lives to the next level.  You’ve tried things before, but you keep getting in your own way unable to break free of the patterns that hold you back.  Get ready to learn and grow as you heal your past and get to the life you deserve to live with abundant joy, happiness, success and love.


Carolyn Snyder has taught invaluable lessons in healing my inner child. I can finally see the moments when healing is needed the most and work with my inner child to solve all the lingering negative self talk and anxiety attacks. I spent too many years trying to stuff down all those feelings and never progressing. Now, I have the tools, I have the answers I have been looking for most of my adult life. I am empowered to make the changes I need to release myself from the traps of childhood that play havoc with my present and hinder my future. I can recommend her unfailingly. Her guidance and teaching is a godsend.

Kristen L.

Workplace Mental Health

Changing work environments whether it be in office, work from home, or a hybriid have left many employees with challenges they did not have before.  Mental health and stress managment are crucial in todays workforce.  See if a custom training is what your organization needs to show them you care while increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

According to the APA 2021, “Two-thirds of employees report that poor mental health has undercut their job performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 40% of employees are battling burnout…”

“Your future is in your hands. Take charge of it”

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